• Do you provide VIP assistance?
    The VIP coordinator assists patients throughout the whole process of examination, from making reservations to the actual process of examination and consultation, and we offer VIP family waiting area for our VIP clients throughout their stay at the center.
  • Why to think prevention?

    Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they show any symptoms. They also can help find problems early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better. The screening tests you need depend on your age, health and family history, and lifestyle choices such as what you eat, how active you are, and whether you smoke.

    Positive changes to your everyday routine are easier to make when you are well informed about the status of your health.

  • What is the benefit of each health package?

    Essentials Packages

    Marina Well Child Essentials

    With the aim to prevent obesity, detect allergies and assure proper growth, the precautionary health measures included in this package ensure the health and well-being of a child.

    (takes approximately 1 hour on average)

    Marina Well Man/ Woman Essentials

    The essential program aims to identify current health status of an individual who do not have specific health problems, and want to screen the condition of their lungs, abdomen, thyroid, heart and other related organs.

    (takes approximately 2.5 hours on average)

    Intensive Packages

    Marina Well Man/ Woman Digestive Intensive.

    This intensive program is developed to identify any emerging issues in the digestive system before they become serious health concerns. This involves performing Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy and Abdominal CT scan.

    (takes approximately 3.5 hours on average)

    Marina Well Man/ Woman Heart Intensive

    This program is specifically planned to detect heart disease in the early stages, involving 3D CT Coronary Angiography and Ultrasonography, and prevent further cardiovascular disease through lifestyle modification.

    (takes approximately 3.5 hours on average)

    Marina Well Man/ Woman Brain Intensive

    This is a comprehensive program to detect brain disorders by performing brain MRI+MRA and Carotid Artery doppler Ultrasonography and is designed for clients who have a history of heart or brain diseases in their family, or who themselves have diabetes or high blood pressure.

    (takes approximately 3.5 hours on average)

    Marina Well Man/ Woman Bones Intensive

    Specifically designed to evaluate skeletal fragility and may be used to assist in the diagnosis of bone problems.

    (takes approximately 2.5 hours on average)

    Marina Well Man/ Woman Kidneys Intensive

    Assesses the current state of renal system that will help in determining risks of developing acute kidney injuries and/or chronic kidney diseases.

    (takes approximately 1.5 hours on average)

    Early Detection Programs

    Marina Well Man/ Woman Cancer Intensive

    Designed for the early diagnosis of cancer, this program assesses risk factors of cancer in vulnerable organs in general and is recommended for individuals who have a history of cancer in their family

    (takes approximately 2.5 hours on average)

    Marina Well Man/ Woman Diabetes Intensive

    This specialized program helps predict any possible risk from diabetes and guides an individual on proper health maintenance to avoid future complications.

    (takes approximately 2.5 hours on average)

    Marina Well Man/ Woman Obesity Intensive

    This will help an individual understand what is happening inside his/her body in order to adapt and promote a better and healthy lifestyle choices.

    (takes approximately 2.5 hours on average)

  • How can I make an appointment?

    You can make a reservation by phone call or online through : www.marinahpc.com

    • Call for an appointment: +971 2 3338333
    • Business hours : (Sat-Thu) 08:00-21:00 (Closed on Fridays)

    Location: Marina Mall (below Bounce), Abu Dhabi, PO Box: 130461

  • Is there an age limit for screenings?

    Burjeel - MHPC health packages are designed for adults who are at the age of 20 or above for the purpose of preventing adult related diseases and diagnosing them in their early stages. However, we have introduced a Well Child Essentials Package to cater to Guest between 12-19 years of age to ensure their health and well-being.

  • How can I change my schedule for the health check-up?

    If you want to change your appointment, please contact us at least 7 days before your health check-up.

  • How to get ready for a screening?

    Please finish dinner by 8pm and start fasting from 9pm the day before your health check-up.

    • Do not eat or drink anything including gum, candy and water.
    • If you are a smoker, you need to stop smoking from 9pm.
    • If you have a colonoscopy, please follow the colonoscopy diet instructions.
  • How to collect stool specimen?

    Please collect a sample a day before or on the same day of your health check-up.

    • Please collect a stool sample before taking colonoscopy medications.
    • Please keep the sample in a cool place and bring it with you on the day of your health check-up.
  • Do I have to stop my medication for the screening test?

    You may need to stop your medication prior to the examination in case of below.
    For gastroscopy - please stop taking antithrombotic agent and anti-coagulant medications 3 days before your check-up, and for colonoscopy, stop these medications 7 days beforehand.
    If you take anticoagulants (Coumadin/warfarin), heparin, etc.), consult with your physician about withholding the medicine.
    If you underwent heart or brain stent insertion less than 1 year ago or received valve replacement, you should take the medication in the morning of the health checkup. Due to the high risk of bleeding, you will receive endoscopy but not biopsy.
    For CT scan using a contrast agent- please stop taking diabetes medication which includes Metformin 48hrs before and after the examination. The metformin may cause renal toxicity.

    Medications not mentioned above needed to be stopped only on the day of your health check-up. You can take high blood pressure medication. 

    If you are taking high blood pressure medication, take it with a sip of water in the morning of your check-up.

    Please stop taking diabetes medications or injecting insulin when you start fasting.
    Please be sure to consult with your physician first before withholding any medications.

  • Is it safe for a breastfeeding mom to get X-rays?

    It is safe for a breastfeeding mom to get any kind of X-ray, including dental X-rays or even chest X-rays. Diagnostic X-rays have no known effect on the milk in the breast at the time of imaging, nor on milk production. But making milk creates denser tissue in your breasts so mammography finding can be inaccurate. Therefore, it is recommended to take mammography at least 3 months after breast feeding. Breast ultrasound can be a primary diagnostic test.

  • Will I need to disclose whether I am pregnant?

    If you have any chance of pregnancy, please inform us before your health check-up. You are not able to take radiology examination such as X-ray, BMD, and CT, or MRI and endoscopy.

  • Can I take a medical check-up during my period?

    If you have your period, you cannot take a urine test and gynecological exam as well as colonoscopy. We recommend you to have your check-up 4-5 days after finishing your period.

  • What precautions should I take after the health checkup?

    You can start your meal with soft diet unless you are directed.

    • Please avoid too spicy or salty food.
    • Please avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
    • Please avoid self-driving for 1 day. (A client who underwent gastroscopy and colonoscopy)
    • Since the gastroscopy and colonoscopy are done under sedation, you need to come with a companion to take care of you if you have those exams.
    • Also, you are kindly requested to avoid physical activities, and trainings , such as handing heavy machines and kind of exercises and tasks, which require a decision-making process as well.

  • What do I need to bring on the date of the check up?

    Please bring your ID and questionnaire, registration form and stool specimen. Also we encourage you to bring only essential items on the exam day. Please leave large sums of money, jewelry, personal papers and other valuables at home.

  • Can I use my private insurance program here?

    We accept insurance for all medical services except for Preventive Health Check-up packages. Please visit http://www.marinahpc.com/en/insurance/ for the list of insurance cards we accept.

  • What languages are spoken at Burjeel - MHPC ?

    We operate in both Arabic and English. Also we offer translation service from English to Arabic when needed.Our staff speak ,Albanian, French, Korean, Urdu

  • Are there prayer rooms?

    Yes, Burjeel - MHPC has separate prayer rooms for males and females .

  • Where is Burjeel - MHPC ? How can I get there?

    Burjeel - MHPC is located at the back of Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi, just below Bounce

    Please find the Location Map

  • When can I receive a copy of my result?

    You will get your result 2 weeks from your exam day.

    When you register for our package program on the exam day, you will get an appointment for the result consultation. On the day of result consultation, you will have a consultation with a doctor for your result and get a file with the results of your check up and a CD copy of the radiology tests.