Dr. Zainab Hatem Hammoodi

General Practitioner - Dentist

Dr. Zainab Hatem Hammoodi received her Bachelors in Dentistry in 1990 from Baghdad University. She then continued her education by obtaining a high diploma in endodontic dentistry from Baghdad University in 1995.
 She has collected extensive experience in Abu Dhabi and Alain and continued to update her knowledge through academic conferences and courses locally and abroad. These courses include Canadian Dental Clinical Skills Review at Western University and Endodontic A to Z: Practical and Comprehensive training with Dr. Manur Haas, both completed in Canada, among many more. She obtained her Canadian dental board license in 2018, further refining her skills and understanding. 
Dr. Zainab Hatem Hammoodi gained her CEREC Master Club 2019 certificate, qualifying her for CAD/CAM
 (digital impression, design using software, milling, sintering, and glazing restoration). She is uniquely skilled in root canals and crown/bridge. She has experience in all kinds of dental treatments for children including pulpotomy and pulpectomy under nitrous oxide sedation (conscious sedation), emergency dental work, as well as esthetic dentistry (veneer and Lumineers).